We are goofy, outgoing and fun-loving.
We are family-orientated and love a good time.
We are creative and environmentally conscious.
We are the Hallidays.

The Hallidays –
Our Business Adventure Story

We are the Hallidays – Brit, Brad and fur baby, Belle.
We are from Bathurst, a small town in the Central Tablelands of NSW.

On The Hill was created as we started on the journey of becoming husband and wife. We were always struggling to find little knick knacks we desired for the wedding or even for the lead up to the wedding. Do you know when you have a perfect vision, or you see it on Pinterest but you CANNOT find the product ANYWHERE? This was us.
Because of this, we began creating the products we longingly looked for.

I would always share the items with such excitement with my cheer squad (my bridesmaids), they would always make comments about how they wished they had this when they were married or in the lead up – egging us on to begin selling these products. Brad and I joked about it one night and the conversation ended with – “Why not? Let’s start a business!”.

This is why we are here today.
Too stubborn to let go of a vision, and a cheer squad that were too stubborn and outspoken to just say, “That’s nice.”

Our Packaging and Products

Our main vision we had for the business was to ensure it lead in with our values as much as possible. This is why we needed to source our products locally wherever possible and have an option to provide eco-friendly packaging on most of our deliveries. We certainly haven’t cut out plastic but are so close.

All of our Products are locally sourced in Australia when possible. We believe strongly in supporting our own, especially all the small businesses like us.
This is why we have partnered with a number of small Australian businesses with a range of our products.
Each product you get that is locally sourced will have the business mentioned in some form, whether this be on the product or be a business card.
All we ask, is that you please follow their business and provide them with the love and support you provide us.

For our Packaging, we searched long and hard for things that are environmentally safe. We have come up with a range of packaging that is most of the way to being compostable or recyclable.
Our main achievement was being able to find postage satchels that were NOT plastic. We have joined forces with Hero Packaging to send your products in 100% compostable mailers! 
These bad boys break down in 90 days in a compostable environment or 120 days in a home environment, and leave zero chemical residue! 
– Earth-Friendly? ✅
– Good for the worms? ✅
– Really cute? ✅


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